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Tools for working from home or on the go [With photos of my stuff!]

Edit: I don’t know how I posted this without a title, but I’ve now added one. Oops! Hi, folks. I was going to write a blog post last night, but instead, I am writing it today. I zonked out last … Continue reading

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My goals for 2018

Hi, all! Whether you know me from the various writing groups I have been a part of in the Tampa Bay area, from the disability community in this area, or you know me from Facebook or other parts of the … Continue reading

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It’s Writer Wednesday!

I made a video yesterday on Copyediting, and the difference between copyediting and proofreading. In this (unedited, lol!) video, I also mention what proofreading is. I cite a website’s definition of what these important jobs are, and what professional copyeditors … Continue reading

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I am a generalist.

I am a writer. I have deliberated for a long time about whether or not to specialize. I had read in writers magazines for quite a while that it is quite a good idea to specialize in a subject or … Continue reading

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About Me and My Services

This is the first post of this version of my blog, so I’ll start with introducing myself. I am Heather Dewey Pettet. I am a writer and editor. I started freelancing for newspapers in 2000, and have enjoyed myself ever … Continue reading

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I see dead copy. I see dead copy everywhere …

I see writing errors everywhere I go. I go crazy when I see signs that misspell, even on purpose. And although I know it’s an attention-grabbing device when used on purpose, it still gets my goat. When you’re a perfectionist … Continue reading

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