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I am a writer, editor, artist and crafter, as well as a mom. I have done community journalism as well as written on my personal experiences. I have been writing professionally since 2000. I have covered community events and news, been a freelance copyeditor, and written on my experiences as a breast cancer survivor. I am also a mom to a great boy who happens to have autism.

Check out my YouTube channel!

Hello, everyone. I started a YouTube channel a few years ago but didn’t do much with it, at first. I had a hard time with stage fright. Then about two years ago, I started just posting videos. Just doing it. … Continue reading

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Why Mechanics Matter

This is the post I had intended to write recently, but life got in the way. Personal life, yes, but also getting ready for my conference that was two weekends ago, NecronomiCon Tampa (which is the coolest little writer’s conference … Continue reading

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Writing with The Hero’s Journey

My Experiences with Mythology To begin with, I have had an interest in mythology from a young age. Like many people my age (I’m a Generation-X’er), I grew up watching the movie Clash of the Titans (the original one from … Continue reading

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Writing About People and Characters with Disabilities

Personal Note: To be completely transparent, this is a cause that is near and dear to my heart. Because there are many — including family members — who are a part of my life who have disabilities. But I’ll get on … Continue reading

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Blog Renaming/Back to School

via Blog Renaming/Back to School

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Tools for working from home or on the go [With photos of my stuff!]

Edit: I don’t know how I posted this without a title, but I’ve now added one. Oops! Hi, folks. I was going to write a blog post last night, but instead, I am writing it today. I zonked out last … Continue reading

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A quick blog post tonight. Because I’m tired, I’ve been working today, plus arranging some things for the weekend. So, just tonight I applied to be a dealer at my favorite con, Necronomicon Tampa. And now, we wait… Short and … Continue reading

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