Under Construction. . . .

I’m undergoing a revamping/reconstruction of my blog. I haven’t been posting for quite a while, but I have been thinking about getting back to this, especially now that I’m serious about finishing my book.

I have also been doing some art recently. I never thought of myself as an artist growing up, but I was always doodling. I also seem to have a need to keep my pencil moving when listening to a lecture or phone call. Flip through my yellow legal notepad of to do lists, and you would see that it’s filled with sketched tornadoes, cubes, hearts and spirals.

So, keep an eye out for upcoming content, and please give any (albeit constructive, please) feedback on how it’s coming! Thanks,




About Heather Dewey Pettet, Writer/Crafter

I am a writer, editor, artist and crafter, as well as a mom. I have done community journalism as well as written on my personal experiences. I have been writing professionally since 2000. I have covered community events and news, been a freelance copyeditor, and written on my experiences as a breast cancer survivor. I am also a mom to a great boy who happens to have autism.
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